Juicer Reviews + What To Juice & How

Solar panels

If you’ve read the series of articles on the Alkaline Diet , you’re no doubt in the market for a good juicer . Some of them are about $1,200. Yikes! I like my veggie juice, but not that much! I like the Greenstar , myself. (and yes, I’m aware that their website looks like it was designed by a 5th grader; the product is still excellent and well-priced). Its under $300, and works great. Slightly cheaper options from the same qualitycompanyare the Solostar , and the Sampson , but the price difference doesn’t really compare to the higher value of the Greenstar. _____ I mean, yes, eating a big fistfull of kale in the morning is right up many people’s alley. But, most of us would like to have a healthy drink that we could make every morning which would alkalize and energize the body. Most powders remove the energetic content of the food, which means you are getting more alkaline , and more healthy, but, you will notice a drop in your energy levels due to only receiving half the body-value of the foods.
Source here: http://www.examiner.com/article/juicer-reviews-what-to-juice-how


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